August 05, 2017

MINGEI - Yokai ema and shrine


. yookai, yōkai 妖怪 Yokai monsters .

With the growing popularity of Yokai on the internet, some temples and shrines are catering to the need with Ema.

Asahina modoki 朝比奈もどき

dondon byoshi どんどん拍子

oogijuu 扇獣

chitori 血取り


from 妖怪神社 the Shrine Yokai Jinja, dedicated to Mizuki Shigeru

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Yokai (Monsters) Jinja
Yokai Jinja is a shrine located on Mizuki Shigeru Road in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture. A ceremony for building completion and consecration for this shrine ceremony was held by Mizuki Shigeru, who produced a manga Gegege no Kitaro at midnight on January 1, 2000. This shrine was built as home for monsters and with wish to preserve and grow an environment of Yokai-no-sato (house for monsters) where monsters find it easy to live. Torii (gateway to shrine) is built with motif of Ittan-momen (monster of cloth) at the entrance. After you go through, there are black graphite ad 300-year old Keyaki tree (Japanese tree of the genus zelkova) consecrated by Mizuki Shigeru, which is go-shintai (an object of worship).
Behind the go-shintai, Medama-ishi (eyeball of stone) is placed, which has a mysterious anecdote. At the consecration, Mizuki said pointing a part of go-shintai, "it would be good to put an eyeball here," and then the part peeled off. You should wash your hands at Medama Oyaji Kiyome-no-Mizu, where a stone shaped like the popular character of Gegege no Kitaro, Medama no Oyaji (Kitaro-'s father who is an eyeball), before praying in front of alter. Then pray by bowing twice, clap twice and bow once. Here you can buy and enjoy Karakuri Yokai Mikuji, a written oracle with 200 yen. A Yokai Karakuri Ningyo (a mechanical doll shaped like a monster) even can perform the purification ceremony for you, bow and bring the oracle to you. Also Yokai ema (votive picture), amulets and charms are sold.
It is a site you should visit if you go to see Mizuki Shigeru Road.
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. 水木しげる, Mizuki Shigeru .
- - - - - Ge Ge Ge no Kitarō (ゲゲゲの鬼太郎, Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro)


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